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Sample preparation
Types Of Mold Samples
•  Culturable Sample Analyses
    •  Airborne Mold
    •  Wall or Ceiling Cavity Mold
    •  Surface/Bulk Sample Mold
    •  Verbal Results in 7-9 days
    •  Report Turn Around Time: 10-14 days

•  Direct Microscope Analyses

    •  Air-O-Cell Cassette (Non-viable spore trap)
    •  Tape lift Samples
    •  Same day, next day, or 2 day results

•  Sampling Supplies Provided at no Additional Charge

    •  Culture Plates
    •  Swab and bulk sampling materials
    •  Cavity sampling supplies

•  Data Interpretation Support

•  Equipment Rental

•  GML also provides full mold inspection services

    •  Airborne and bulk mold sampling
    •  Comprehensive site analysis
    •  Clear, complete report including data and discussion of results
    •  Remediation recommendations/Scope of remediation
    •  Post remediation mold inspections
Mold Inspections


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IAQ & Environmental Specialists

Chain of Custody

Sample preparation
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