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Residential Mold Inspection
Have you had flooding in your home, musty smells, or sick family members? We will inspect your home, identify mold issues that you have, and provide solutions to the problem.
Commercial Mold Inspection
Have you had employee complains about air quality and odors in the workplace? Have you had water issues such as roof or HVAC system leaks? Let us identify the problem and provide you with a solution.
In-House Laboratory Services
Do you want to know if the discoloration on a surface in your home or office is mold, before proceeding with a full mold inspection? Send us your sample and we'll test it for you.


We work hard to make our customers happy, from the initial inspection to the final report. Here’s what some of our clients have said about us…
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Gordon Mycology Laboratory’s work is the epitome of competence. They helped identify a mold issue and ensured that remediation efforts were completed by a third party in accordance with the proper standards. They were recommended to me by a professional in the industry and it is clear why they have such a good reputation. From prompt inquiry responses via phone and email to exceptionally thorough mold inspections and masterful reports. With Gordon Mycology Laboratory, you receive the benefit of a scientist’s inspection, analysis, and recommendations based on decades of experience. I cannot recommend Gordon Mycology Laboratory highly enough!

Lou C.

In the fall of 2017, I contacted Gordon Mycology Laboratory, Inc. when a failed water tank badly flooded our family room. Working with Deb Gordon fully met my expectations for professional service. She responded promptly (day of and then timely follow-up) to my request for help, her inspection was thorough, and the information and recommendations she provided were clear and detailed. I especially appreciated her patience and willingness to answer my questions and her concern that I understand the information she provided. Throughout the process Deb was both personable and kind. I highly recommend Gordon Mycology Laboratory, Inc.

Annie M.

We called GML in to assess possible mold problems in our basement and in a shared wall between two bathrooms. They were recommended by another company, and we were not disappointed! The GML team was very efficient and professional, but allowed plenty of time to discuss things with us and answer our questions. Deb worked closely with the remediation company she recommended to make sure the cleanup was done to the highest standards. She gave us thorough, written reports that included lab results, plus detailed and very helpful recommendations to guide our repairs and ongoing measures to prevent mold recurrence. We would definitely call GML in again if we found other problems. Highly recommended!!

MaryEllen L.

I would HIGHLY recommend Gordon Mycology lab if you have any mold or water issues. Deb Gordon has the education, expertise and experience to stand behind her work and will go to bat for you if you need her to. We found ourselves in a new construction home with chronic moisture, water damage and subsequent mold. A previous mold investigator wouldn’t stand behind his investigation. After continuing to have problems, we called Deb the second time, and I wish I had called her initially. She was much more thorough, and she summarized her findings in a clear, concise manner and was more than willing to stand behind her findings legally. If you’re in a similar situation – hire her. She’s the best person for the job.

Christie D.

After health issues with significant impacts arose, lab testing revealed high levels of mycotoxins in my system, likely coming from some areas in our old farmhouse. Immediately upon contacting GML I was able to speak with an informed professional who guided me through the process. GML provides knowledge and guidance while also bringing to bear years of experience and scientific expertise. It is clear that Deb Gordon and her staff care deeply about the issues facing homeowners as they confront mold related issues. If you decide to engage with GML, you will not only be well served, but impressed, and I believe you will also be thankful.

Eric B.

I had the experience of working with an amateur and then with a professional. GML’s professionalism and responsiveness really helped to keep us on the right path. After another consultant said the house was “clean”, we brought Deb in for a second opinion and every one of her samples confirmed mold growth. She was precise and didn’t miss anything; the remediation company we hired didn’t have any questions. After hiring someone else who was not as thorough as Deb, we realized that this only extended the timeframe of the project and kept us out of our home longer. With GML’s expertise, you can have the peace of mind knowing that it will be done right the first time.

Etai M.

I would highly recommend Gordon Mycology Laboratory. My finished basement was a nightmare and ruining my life. I didn’t know what to do or whom to turn to. It smelled and we had visible mold that was continuing to get worse and worse. Deb has incredible knowledge and gave me many great tips and suggestions on how to proceed with remediation. Also, once remediation was done – what to do to continue to control the humidity and create the best environment possible. Many great tips and profound knowledge. I am extremely satisfied with their service and would definitely call them again.

Newton MA

What To Expect from Your Mold Inspection

Client History

Your knowledge of potential water & air quality issues is important to us

Moisture Survey

We test relative humidity and moisture content in building materials such as drywall

Inspection Report

A detailed report tailored to your individual home or building

Visual Inspection

A comprehensive inspection looking for signs of mold and moisture

Mold Sampling

We take samples of mold from the air, surfaces, and inside walls & ceilings


How to mitigate your mold problem, solve the water issue, and prevent mold recurrence