As a mycologist, my fascination lies in the world of fungi, a kingdom encompassing a diverse array of organisms, including those we commonly refer to as “mold.” While mold plays a vital role in the natural world, its presence within our homes c Read More
Summer homes are thought to be a source of joy and relaxation, providing cherished memories of warm summer days spent by the sea. However, an uninvited guest may be silently infiltrating your home, threatening to harm its idyllic atmosphere – MOLD Follow Read More
Dirt floor crawlspaces are, by definition, sources of mold. Molds live in the soil, and once the soil is enclosed by foundation walls but left exposed beneath your home, or a section of your home, there will be (or already is) a mold problem to contend wit Read More
Are you about to put your house on the market but suspect a mold problem in the basement because of a musty odor? Has someone mentioned that the basement smells funky and recommend that you put in an air freshener or open windows? Have you thrown out any b Read More
How often do you go up into your attic? Have you ever been up in the attic if it is only accessible from a small hatch in your bedroom closet ceiling? When you go up in the attic once a year to get holiday decorations or to switch out seasonal clothes, do Read More
Lately, the term ‘Mold Remediation’ has been making headlines. Toxic mold, mold contamination, killer black mold, people abandoning their homes, and plenty of other sensational headlines have bombarded our televisions, newspapers, and websites. Once yo Read More
Snow Mold
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‘Tis the Season – Snow Mold comes to New England The end of winter is here.  We are excited about longer days, blooming flowers, and shout a long awaited hello to the warm sunshine. Unfortunately, this is the time of year snow mold rears its ugly head Read More
People often joke about the  moldy bologna in the back of the refrigerator. How about those fuzzier than normal peaches? Blue patches on the top layer of an old sour cream container? Not only are these molds unsightly and annoying because they have spoile Read More
Case Study 09036: Successful Attic Mold Remediation Facts/History/Observations: An initial inspection by GML revealed that the mold Cladosporium was actively growing on plywood roof sheathing and on both gable ends in the attic.  A professional mold remed Read More
Case Study 09018: Attic Mold Facts/History/Observations: Single family, two story house was converted from a one level ranch originally built in the 1960’s. A recent home inspection discovered mold on the underside of both sides of the roof, mainly on pl Read More