Dirt floor crawlspaces are, by definition, sources of mold. Molds live in the soil, and once the soil is enclosed by foundation walls but left exposed beneath your home, or a section of your home, there will be (or already is) a mold problem to contend wit Read More
Are you about to put your house on the market but suspect a mold problem in the basement because of a musty odor? Has someone mentioned that the basement smells funky and recommend that you put in an air freshener or open windows? Have you thrown out any b Read More
How often do you go up into your attic? Have you ever been up in the attic if it is only accessible from a small hatch in your bedroom closet ceiling? When you go up in the attic once a year to get holiday decorations or to switch out seasonal clothes, do Read More
Lately, the term ‘Mold Remediation’ has been making headlines. Toxic mold, mold contamination, killer black mold, people abandoning their homes, and plenty of other sensational headlines have bombarded our televisions, newspapers, and websites. Once yo Read More