Many Web sites deal with molds, most frequently the health related aspects of exposure to mold spores. A few of the best are listed below:
Short fact sheet on molds and health from New York . For a detailed article, last updated Jan 2002, at the same site,
The EPA’s site; detail on mold from the indoor environmental point of view.
Condominium oriented, but detailed and practical on mold remediation.
Has links to many other mold sites.
California ‘s environmental health site.
AIHA, mainly links to other mold info sites.
The Environmental Health Sciences site will generate many page links by typing “mold” into the query.
Building Science is a local ( Westford , MA ) company that specializes in constructing and renovating homes and buildings in ways that help prevent problems with mold growth and water intrusion, and other indoor air quality and structural issues from occurring.

Other resources:

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