Commercial Mold Testing – Mold Inspection for your Business

If you are purchasing, leasing or, currently own/occupy commercial space, you may need to have a commercial mold inspection performed. If a mold problem is discovered you may need to consider adjusting the amount of your offer or decide to locate your business elsewhere because of expensive remediation cost and potential health risks associated with indoor mold growth. Another reason that you may need to contact a professional for a mold inspection is if you have begun to smell mold but cannot identify the location within your site.

Reasons To Call A Mold Inspection Company

  • You’ve noticed leaks, musty odors, or discolored walls or ceilings
  • You’ve had a flood or water leakage problem
  • You are purchasing or leasing a new commercial space
  • People in the space are complaining of odors, headaches, negative health effects

It is essential that the quality of the air in the workplace does not affect the health of your employees or your clients, as this can have significant financial and possible legal ramifications. Before signing a lease or purchasing retail space, you may want to request a mold inspection. This can provide a baseline measurement, as well as give the owner the opportunity to remediate the situation if necessary. Professional mold remediation can be very expensive and is generally the responsibility of the current owner.

As part of your lease or purchase agreement, it may be beneficial to include explicit language that discusses what will occur in the event that a mold inspection reveals a problem. In addition to stating who will be financially responsible for the cost of remediation, it should discuss who will control the public relations surrounding the repairs. Negative publicity could have a detrimental effect on your business, so it is important that these issues be resolved to your satisfaction.

Things To Include In Your Lease or Purchase Agreement

  • A course of action in case mold is found
  • Who is financially responsible if mold remediation is needed
  • Who will handle public relations regarding the repairs