Clearance Mold Inspections

Post-remediation testing (clearance testing) is an option to consider to verify that remediation procedures were successful in removing mold growth from affected building materials and belongings. Once you’ve had the initial inspection, received a scope of remediation from GML, and had the remediation completed, we can come back and do mold testing and a visual inspection to evaluate the work.

Airborne and surface swab samples are generally collected to evaluate the effectiveness of the remediation process and engineering controls. Air samples will be collected inside and outside the containment barriers as well as outdoors (control sample). Surface swab samples will be collected from remediated and remaining building materials or belongings. In order to obtain accurate airborne mold testing results, windows and doors in the entire home/areas to be tested should remain closed until the clearance inspection is performed. Clearance inspections also take place after HEPA filtered air scrubbers and/or negative air machines have been off for at least 24 hours, while all containment barriers remain intact, and before any new building materials are installed. Mold samples are sent overnight to our laboratory where they will be cultured for 7 days from the day they are received. Until clearance results confirm successful remediation in the contaminated areas, containment barriers should remain in place and no new building materials installed.