Home Test Kit Analysis

Are you questioning if an area of discoloration or staining in your home is mold? We can provide you with sample materials or explain how to collect your own sample using materials you have at home.

There are three types of samples you can collect yourself and send to GML for processing and/or analysis:


A piece of transparent tape can be pressed to a surface containing possible mold, then stuck to the inside of a clear plastic baggie. GML will analyze the sample(s) using a microscope in our lab to confirm/deny mold presence. If mold is found to be present, mold types will be provided. Turnaround time is typically within 24 hours of sample receipt.


Examples of bulk samples are pieces of building materials (like drywall, carpeting, wood) or contents/belongings (cardboard, clothing, books, etc.)


If you suspect mold on a surface because of accumulated moisture but you don’t see the mold, a swab sample may be collected to confirm its presence. For this type of sample, contact GML for supplies. You’ll receive a packet containing everything needed to sample the potentially moldy surface. Examples of surfaces that can be tested include contents, floor joists, roof sheathing, sheetrock walls or ceilings, etc. Swab samples can be analyzed in-house with microscopy, or may be sent out for culture.

If you are collecting your own samples, download the Chain of Custody form and send it with your samples.

GML also provides full mold inspection services.