Residential Mold Inspections

Mold Inspections and Testing

How to Begin

What to Expect From an Inspection

Before we arrive for the inspection, we’d like to ask for some information about your home. It’s your home, and you know it better than anyone, so we’d like to get an idea about your mold concerns.

Once on-site, we’ll perform a visual inspection while you show us around your home, in particular the areas of concern. We are looking for evidence of moisture and mold; even the smallest clues can lead to the identification of a mold problem.

We’ll conduct a moisture survey, which includes measuring the relative humidity, particularly in basements and crawlspaces, and test moisture content of building materials in suspect areas (areas with suspected active leaks, seepage, kitchens and bathrooms, etc.).

Samples will be collected if necessary to adequately evaluate the areas of concern. Sample types include surface, wall and ceiling cavity, bulk, and airborne among others. We generally collect culturable samples which are sent out to a highly qualified laboratory for processing and analysis.

Written Report

A written report is provided which includes the following:

Inspection and Laboratory Procedures: Details methods used in the inspection including how air, surface, and wall/ceiling cavity samples are collected, the growth medium used, and some general laboratory procedures.

Results: Explains how the data are reported and describes sample locations with the types and levels of molds found at each location.

Explains connections between mold levels and types as well as our on-site observations. We provide easy to understand correlations between the conditions in your home and the mold levels and types to help you understand the extent of the mold problem, or the lack of one.

Recommendations: Provides detailed remediation recommendations for each inspected area. This section is detailed enough that a specialized mold remediation company can easily follow the scope of work to successfully remediate the mold-contaminated space.

We also offer suggestions to help prevent mold growth from occurring in the future and how to maintain a “healthier” home.